EMI or Installment Process, Policy, Terms & Condition

1.     What is EMI and how to Process for EMI to purchase the Product in Installment?


è EMI Process Applicable with only  Credit Card Basis

è Apply in Bank for Credit Card with below document(If do not have Credit Card {required below mentioned doc for apply credit card Just for basic Information Only *} )

è Citizenship Xerox Copy

è Income Letter *

è PP Size Photo Copy 2 pcs

è Bank Statement for 3 Month(Salary Must be Transfer in Bank)


2.     What is Credit Card?


è A credit card allows you to borrow money from a bank to make purchases, whether you’re buying a Goods or a round-trip ticket to Kathmandu. As long as you pay back the money you borrow within the “grace period” of 30-45 days, you don’t have to pay extra. If you don’t pay it back in that time period, you’ll have to pay interest or Charges - a percentage of the money you owe the bank on top of what you borrowed.


3.     From Which Bank de we Provide EMI Service?


è Banking Partner EMI Process Applicable with Credit Card Basis from Following Bank.

è Citizens Bank

è Global IME Bank

è Sunrise Bank Limited

è Siddhartha Bank Limited

è Nabil Bank Limited

è Century Bank Limited

è Mega Bank Limited

è Machahhapuchre Bank Limited

è NIC Asia Bank Limited

è NMB Bank Limited

4.     What will be the Monthly installment or How to calculate it?


è Monthly EMI Calculated as per the approved Finance Amount -

è For Example , if approved amount is Rs 30,000/-

è Monthly EMI = Total Approved Amount / Duration ( in Month)

è For 6 Month -> Rs 30,000/- / 6 Month = Rs 5000/- per Month

è For 12 Month -> Rs 30,000/- / 12 Month = Rs 2500/- per Month

è For 18 Month -> Rs 30,000/- / 18 Month = Rs 1666.66/- per Month


5.     What will be the Charges to buy the product in Installment.


è Terms and Condition Applicable -

è EMI Available on 0% Interest and No Any Service Charge for Laptop, TV, Refrigerator and Washing Machine. (20% Down-Payment Applicable )

è EMI Available on 0% Interest with 10% t0 12% Service Charge Basis for Mobile Phone Product Only.

è Details of Charges in below Vendor details


Print the Downloaded PDF Quotation and submit it to the bank along with Bank Loan Application from for Installment. Once you received the Delivery Order please call us for Product order & also forward the Delivery Order Letter (with Signature) for Product Order Confirmation.The product will be provided to you within 3 days after submitting the Delivery Order through Safe Express Courier Service (Delivery Charge May Applicable).This offer only for our partner bank credit card holder .

Terms & Conditions

1.      Laptop, TV, Refrigerator & Washing Machine product with 0% interest and 15% amount down-payment basis No extra Charges, Quotations provided in MRP Price. (0% Interest @ Bank)

2.      Laptop, TV, Re­­frigerator & Washing Machine Product will be processed with 10% to 12% Service Charge basis in Discounted Price without any interest and Down payment as per customer choice. (0% Interest @ Bank)

3.      Mobile Phone The product will be processed with 10% to 12% Service Charge basis in MSP without any interest and Down payment as per customer choice. (0% Interest @ Bank)

4.      Down-Payment amount or Service Charge amount need to pay at our store time of Product collection. The down-payment amount will be deducted from MRP price of the Product but The service charge amount will not deduct form the total amount.

5.      Quotation Mentioned MRP/Discounted price is present price, if the price is changed in the time of product collection than we will go through the changed price.

6.      If any Product is Stock out or Not Available in our Store, then customer has to buy an alternate available product not less than finance amount as per Bank Delivery Order or the Customer can cancel it from the Bank.

7.      We do not guarantee for Product availability all the time, if the Product is if the customer agrees with our 6 no Point T&C can process for Installment.

8.      Customer should be agreed with our terms and condition before submitting the quotation at the bank.

9.      Applicant must be Credit Card Holder of our Partner Bank. Debit Card not acceptable.

10.  You need to have approved from our partner bank for delivery order letter, if the bank do not approved/reject we are not answerable for the reason of it & not liable anything.


*Please read all the Terms & Condition before applying to Bank.